Carnival Surf Trip

When I arrived to PTY the first thing that came to my mind was where should I go for Carnivals? (a long weekend-4 days). My decision was between Fidel's farm (http://www.panamasurfphotos.org), one of the only water shots photographer and the best from Panama or going to BOQUETE and know a new place with my friend Eric De Arriba..an old man who thinks his surfing is veteran.

Finally I chose Chiriqui because Fidel was scared of coconuts falling on my head and anyways..i wanted to meet the waves over there in Chiriqui. We drove for about 7 hours till we got to Dito's house in Boquete which was really nice.

The first day we tried to look for a wave but we were lost and didn't know the directions very well but at the end we got there and surfed a rivermouth beachbreak with left and rights about 3-4 ft.

The next day we were supposed to wake up really early to surf a new wave my friend Eric wanted to go to, but what a surprise he wouldn't wake up in the morning. He was "too tired"..bahh.. and then he talks about him being a veteran .. anyways..groms will rule forever.

We went surfing super late but scored some 3-4 ft. beachbreak wave..we expected more power and size from the wave but it was small.

The next day we surfed for a bit and then went to a river and to the mountains to shoot some skating shots.

Concluding..it was a good trip. I had a good time eventhough this "veteran" never wanted to wake up at time.. I liked the place where we stayed.. meeting new places is cool..Isn't it?

Some shots...

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