After a long day in the "VOLTAGE HOUSE" waiting all afternoon to shoot a commercial they called me for (Extra $), I went to my house and quickly ran upstairs to the rooftop of the building.. I wanted to try for the first time for capturing a lightning because there was a thunderstorm.

I stood up there for about an hour and shot like 500 photos, but just 1 good one.. I was trying to find out which was the best way of taking a photo to a lightning. It was kind of difficult but i got some sweet results..


Sunny afternoon.. suddenly .. it got all gray and i knew it was going to rain hard. I wanted to try taking pictures of rain drops or something .. test the composition with a whole view of my room's window.. after a while a look to the window and i see like a yellow sky i was like shit.. what happened to my eyes.. i even rubbed them.. seriously rubbed them .. took a photo to see if it was true and it was.. later it get darker (orange), then pink and purple.. it was sick.

Later, a friend told me that was a natural thing that happens when it rains during daylight and the drops create a prism with the sun or some nerdy thing like that..whatever..it was cool!

A day in the park

Weeks ago I planned with two of my friends that we should go one day and try to take some nice photos in the park. On a saturday i called them and asked them what were they going to do in the afternoon and they answered that they had no plans..so i asked them immediately if they wanted to go and take the photos.

I was also excited because i wanted to try my new 7D. I really suck taking photos for girls.. I want to gain more experience.. when we got there I didn't know what poses should they do or else.. i just tried to make them laugh, and that worked a bit and I could make some nice natural portraits.

We had a good time.. thankyou Karina and Stephanie