Stuck in New York

After my long visit to Amman, Jordan (http://fatphotography.blogspot.com/2010/02/amman-jordan.html) I finally had to travel back to the concrete jungle, PTY. I was kind of excited of coming back to see my friends, see the ocean, and surf the waves. I was supposed to arrive to Panama on a Wednesday. My flight was at midnight (Wednesday). We got to the airport and walked around and saw stuff in the Duty Free and sat at Starbucks for some coffee and mental preparation for the long 30 hours trip.

We were sitting in a different terminal from which where we had to be .. so 30 minutes before the flight we started walking to our corresponding gate and in the way we noticed we were super late so we hurried up and started running to get there. Everyone was pissed off with us... what a bad humor haha. Whatever. We were already sitting in the longest plane.. i started with some SUDOKU entertainment and then slept. Later i woke up and they presented a good movie..kind of funny.

We arrived to New York like at 5-6 am.. we could barely see the sun. But we could clearly see snowflakes falling from the sky. Me and my brother were excited of the snow.. we were in Jordan for 3 weeks waiting for snow and didn't see much but here.. it was like WOW! REAL SNOW! After we made immigration and everything we went to a spot where we could get free Wi-Fi. We were in front of a big window where we could see how the snow covered the planes and the floor. I went to grab some breakfast..from Burger King? I though it was too expensive.. about 7 dollars each B-fast combo. After hours of waiting.. i decided to walk around the airport with my brother and we saw on the screens almost all the flights were cancelled we were like OH SHIT! We ran to my mother and told her..and she went to talked with the staff to see what could they do. They re-scheduled our flight for 2 days after. We went to Baggage Claim and talk with the people there to get our luggage back but they already sent it to ATL. We had no clothes for cold weather.. and there was a blizzard storm. Delta Airlines gave us some vouchers we could use for the hotel and food. We arrived to the hotel and didn't go out of the room..just to make calls downstairs.

The next morning we woke up at 4 30 am to go to the airport at 5 am and see what could we do to go to Panama fast. We got to be at a stand-by status for the flight to ATL at 11am. Before the flight departure we had to wait like 6 hours.. Seeing the same stores..same restaurants. After everyone went inside the plane we could notice we weren't the only stand-by guys. There were like 20 more people in stand-by. They started calling and BAM! Fortunately we were the third party they called. We were excited i even jumped when they called our names haha.

Here are some shots i could get in JFK Internation Airport

This was the sunrise that sat next to us on the foodcourt

Zeid superstoked to finally play with snow

Mine is the Atlanta one

This shot i got it @Burger King when i went to get my 7 dollar breakfast

My brother Zeid super stoked because of the snow

This is the view we had in front of our Wi-Fi spot


  1. buenas fotos !

    las del atardecer en el airport está hermosa...