Amman, Jordan

Amman? Ever heard about this? ..
Amman is Jordan's capital. Jordan is a country in the Middle East. Jordan is the place from where my mom comes from and it has been a great part of my life because I lived there when i was little that's where my lovely grandparents live.

I wasn't too excited about the trip, because I just wanted to surf and improve my surfing during the holidays, but it was a family trip. I got excited about it and flew 30 hours. Yes, 30 hours, including the stops (PTY -> ATL -> NY -> JORDAN)

I didn't feel it too heavy because the night before my trip I went to the party and didn't sleep well. And in the longest flight (New York --> Jordan). I walked to the end of the plane and found 3 empty chairs and asked the hostess to let me sleep there so i slept all the flight.. just woke up to eat the miserable food which wasn't exquisite hahaha

Anyways Jordan was amazing. I got used to chat with my friends from Panama over the night for all night long because of the time difference (7 hours) until a.m. sharp .. when the guy in the mosque started praying. I know..kind of weird huh?

At the end.. i really enjoyed the trip i got to spend time with my cousins and took a lot of photos of them and also got to go to one of the 7 new wonders of the world, Petra, yes where Indiana Jones used to run in his movies.

Here are some of the shots I could snap out of the trip...

Teita and Jiddo (Grandma and Grandpa) .. They're so happy together.. so young.. so .. so.. soo.. I LOVE THEM

One of the tombs.. at the right you can see three guys praying.. wow those guys were praying in from of such a beautiful view..

The prayers' view was something like this..maybe better

One of the owners of the Donkeys.. he tried to convince us for about an hour to ride his donkey who was called JACKASSS.. he was so funny and so friendly! As you can see he's wearing a kind of eyeliner .. those guys over there start using eyeliner since they're born. These guys knew how to speak in every language.. because of the tourists of course.

Veryy nice girl who came to us and started telling my mom she was pretty ..didn't even try to sell us what she was selling .. just told my mom she would take my mom's face and replace the moon with my mom's pretty face.. amazing

My mom riding a camel ..nice background mom

Camel .. did you know they have 3 stomachs? and eat from their vomit?

Petra famous monument... this is a treasury.. and the little kid who has his hands up is my brother Zeid.. you can have a little idea of how big this thing is .. I still think it was made by Aliens..it's so perfect

The first view i caught of the treasury from inside the SIQ?

This was where Indiana Jones used to run

Variety of colors and textures

Layers.. all this art is caused because of the wind

The gladiator's shoes.. cozy ones.. Nike ? Adidas ?

He looks intelligent huh? When i was watching this "Gladiator Show" .. with arab actors.. i thought it was one of the worst dramatizations I've ever seen hahahah .. it was interesting

Yeah.. the captain

Me playing with my little cousin..Omar

Ahmad.. aka BATATA (In English.. potato)

Please take a look at his eyes

This is Omar and Ahmad.. the smallest of the family.. they love each other

This photo was taken by my brother.. while i was chatting with my friends..probably at 3am

Yeah.. We have our own Signs with our Handwriting .. whatever i dont understand it

Here you can appreciate some of the architecture.. as you can see.. no buildings and really simple houses ..

A mosque during sunset.. here's where my friend the goodnighter started praying at 5am


  1. holaaa, loveee urr picsss, chauu

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  3. Magnificent!! Lucky guy you are to have family in such a magical place. Your photos are outstanding!