Flat Island

On wednesday i was hanging out with a friend, Bolivar Andres, very good sponsored free-surfer that lives in Bocas del Toro and he told me we should go the next day (Thursday) to surf at Big Island. I tried to look for someone who could take us and my friend Ricardo "BATMAN" Conte appeared and told me he had a new van and we could go in the van to the caribbean so we had everything set up.

Batman's new VAN

Next morning (4:00 a.m) we take off and call my other friend Ricky Barnett.. who also joined us. We picked up Bolivar and went to the Island. After 2 hours of driving we got there and felt a really strong wind coming from everywhere so we were all kind of down because there weren't waves, but who cares we tried so we called the boat man and he took us to the spot .. we saw a 1ft. white water and a really strong wind .. we were like #$@%^ it sucks ..we wanted to surff!!! So we went back to La Guaira to go back to the city.

Ricky, Bolivar and Batman. Before we went and checked the waves. [7:36a.m]

Bolivar and Batman getting some food. [7:38 a.m.]

We didn't even know what could we do .. we didn't want to be in the #$2%# city so Bolivar came up with the idea of going to the Shelter Bay where he has his sailboat parked. Yes..i forgot to tell you guys.. he was captain of a sailboat called Princess Lauren and lived in his sailboat ("Alegria") since he was 14.

Bolivar's sailboat since he was 14, ALEGRIA

Shelter Bay [10:51 a.m]

We went to this place to check his sailboat. There i could shoot some really sick lifestyle shots of us. So the trip wasn't that bad. After checking his sailboat he invited us for lunch..

After the "shelter bay" we drove to the Causeway in the city to meet some friends of Bolivar that he needed to talk with.

Stormy Causeway [4:05 p.m.]


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  1. You take amazing shots!! Teri in Costa Rica