Isla Grande Contest 2009

Last Saturday and Sunday I went to the first stop of the national surfing tour. It took place at Isla Grande, on the Caribbean side of the country. Conditions totally sucked. The waves had size.. they were like 'till 4 ft. but too much wind and the current was pulling so hard. The competition was okay, I had fun hangin' out and stuff. Here I'm posting some pictures..

1. Carlos "Chuko" Díaz
2. Dan Hanna
3. Diego Salgado
4. Agusto "Pimpli" Lopez

1. Sonia Pucha Garcia
2. Malena Toral
3. Samanta Alonso
4. Deimi Sandoval

1. Edilberto Navarro
2. Ruben Villegas
3. Jesús Vincent
4. Eduardo Martínez

1. Gonzalo Gonzalez
2. Juan Caraballo Jr.
3. Carlin Rinehart
4. Oli Camarena

1. Agusto "Pimpli" Lopez
2. Alan Barnes
3. Juan Caraballo

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